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The All-New

Welcome to the all-new - born out of necessity when my old web host expired back in October, as you may have noticed. Renewal fees were much too high and so I had to carve out some time to create a new way to access my writings.

Not only was the need to change due to the renewal prices but also due to some big changes in my own life, my own focus, and the way I wanted my writing to be shared and what I want my writing to reflect.

It's been a long time since I first touched pen to paper, and you have no idea how much it means to me if you've followed along from the beginning, and if you're just joining my journey now. Every reader is so precious to me, and I will never be able to express my gratitude for your love and appreciation for my writing.

Speaking to people has always been a challenge to me. My mouth doesn't seem to listen to my mind and my heart when it gets to moving and I find that sometimes expressing myself properly can be a challenge. Writing has always been a relief for me because I can communicate effectively and get my ideas out exactly right so that they are clearly understandable. Nothing is more frustrating to me than the struggle to articulate something that I know I could write clearly in seconds. I'm a socially awkward bean, and though many times the words do not have to be exactly right, sometimes they do. Sometimes, finding the right words could have unparalleled consequences.

So first of all, thank you for reading my writing and supporting me as I work through the communication process to bring you the stories that set my heart and soul on fire. I hope that this new blog space will prove entertaining and beneficial for both of us, that you will find joy and happiness by reading along my writing journey.

I'll be posting a range of stuff - from writing tips and how-tos, to general thoughts and memories; short stories, letters, and more. My Instagram feed will be directly connected to what's going on here, with graphics and previews showing up there. In addition, you can find longer stories (including The Marauders) on Wattpad (my username there is Pengiwen).

Reach out anytime using the form at the bottom of the page. It may take me a couple days to reply back, but I'll do my best to answer eventually! You'll receive an auto-reply from my email address if you email directly to that will provide PDF/Ready to Print files for The Marauders Years 1-5, designed by myself and ready to take to your favorite print on demand service or local printer. If you have questions that are not Marauders related, or even just need someone to talk to - a shoulder to cry on - mine is always available. I am a safe space - I will listen without judgement and offer love, love, love.

So until next time, may the sun shine upon your face, may your feet carry you along safe paths, and may you always remember that above all else you are so, so loved... more than you could ever know.

With all of my heart -


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